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Hello, my name is TOFU. It's nice to meet you.

Commisions/Trades/Requests Status
:bulletgreen: Commissions: Open!
:bulletred: Art Trades: Closed
:bulletred: Requests: Closed


Current icon by: MaximumDoodie

Give a :llama:, get a :llama:.
Jumpin' on the bandwagon!

How attractive you are:

[] Ew not really
[] Gross
[] Ugly
[] You're ok
[] Alright getting better
[] Cute
[] Gorgeous/beautiful
[] Hot!!! 
[] Perfect~ 
[] I honestly don't know what you look like!
[] I honestly don't care what you look like!

What we'd look like in a picture:
[] Normal
[] Holding hands
[] Pulling faces
[] Couple poses

Where I'd get your named tattooed on me:
[] My wrist
[] My leg
[] My belly
[] My back
[] My neck
[] My foot
[] My ankle
[] My ass

What we'd do if we lived together:
[] Party, party, party!!!
[] Eat ice cream for breakfast
[] Have pillow fights
[] Go to the bedroom~
[] Have movie nights 
[] Cuddle and kiss~
[] Not live together in the first place...
[] Do whatever you wanna do
[] Do stuff...

What I'd do if you snuck into my room at night:
[] Scream!
[] Tell you to get out
[] Grin mischievously
[] Watch movies with you
[] Let you stay the night 
[] Kiss/cuddle you
[] Blush
[] Attack you

What I'd do to you in the rain:
[] Push you into a puddle
[] Kiss you
[] Hold you close
[] Let you under my umbrella 
[] Give you my jacket 
[] Jump on your back
[] Run away
[] Start to sing randomly
[] Dance with you

What I'd do if I saw you naked:
[] Walk out of the room scarred for life
[] Smirk and laugh
[] Take a picture 
[] Just stand there awkwardly
[] Say, "What the hell?! Get some clothes on!"
[] Blush
[] Walk out as if nothing happened 
[] Scare you
[] Take your clothes 

What I'd do if we kissed:
[] Smile and blush
[] Be surprised 
[] Push you away
[] Pull you closer
[] Bite your lip so you'd bleed 
[] Wonder if we would kiss again
[] Slap yo' face!
[] Freak out, squeal and run around
[] Off to the bedroom~

You should...
[] 1. Be my friend
[] 2. Comment to my profile more
[] 3. Watch me
[] 4. Note me
[] 5. Put this as your journal so I can comment too
[] 6. Feed me
[] 7. Raise me as your child
[] 8. Go to jail for me

Would you eat me? 

5 deviants said No, you taste disgusting (Man, screw you. /hair flip)
4 deviants said Mmmm tofu.....
4 deviants said N-no....-munches on tofu-
4 deviants said OMFG A TALKING TOFU
2 deviants said No, that's cannibalism! D8


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LaughButts Featured By Owner 4 minutes ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tobyfredson Featured By Owner Edited 3 hours ago  New member  General Artist
Tofu, try terraining, it's fun! :D
(1 Reply)
LaughButts Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

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Tobyfredson Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  New member  General Artist
Something like this... But the lighting and render is bad :C…

Edit; It has no "normal maps" either…

I suggest you give the Unity terrain editor a try, think it will be fun for you. Show me your progress when you do something and ask me about stuff ok?! ^^
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